We had approached our bank multiple times and each time were disappointed that they were not able to assist us. Loansmart made it happen.”

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Personal Loans

At Loansmart we focus on meeting your needs, without making you jump through hoops! If you’re in need of a Personal Loan, choose a lender that offers:

  • Rates from 8.95%* – 29.95%
  • Same day approval and payout*
  • Repayment options of 6 months – 10 years
  • Borrow up to $50,000 with an Unsecured Loan
  • Borrow up to $100,000 with a Secured Loan
  • Easy online loan application process

Taking out a Personal Loan is a big step, but we have been helping Kiwi’s with their Personal Loans since 2008. No matter your needs, we can help you fund them! We believe everyone deserves access to fair, low-cost loans, that’s why we work to get you the best deal possible on your loan. Loansmart are trusted online Personal Loan providers. This is why 25% of our lending is to existing clients – because our clients love what we do!

*Subject to responsible lending checks.


  • Choose a repayment plan that works for you
  • Benefit from lower interest rates and fees
  • Pay debt down faster and save on loan costs
  • Set yourself up for success
  • More options for more chances of approval

Don’t pay more than you need to and get more options up front. Apply for a Personal Loan online or call for a free 10-minute consultation. In just one call we can handle mostly everything for you. We answer our phones right away, so you won’t be put on hold.


Our team genuinely cares and moves fast to find better Personal Loan options for you. Providing smarter loan solutions is what we do best. Pay down debt faster and affordably with lower fees and interest rates. Get more options from a team that cares. Locking you into a cycle of high interest, fees and debt is not what we’re about. We want to help you get into a better financial position, with money to make life more comfortable.

Smarter Personal Loans

Looking for a better loan solution?

A Personal Loan can be a great way to reach your goals faster, or if you find yourself in need of some extra cash. Whether you’re in need of a new car, house renovation or your dream wedding, personal Loans enable you to turn your dreams into reality.

Better still, we make it easy without the usual bureaucracy, hassle and red tape that comes with applying through a bank. Our lending criteria isn’t as tough either, which means we’re more likely to say yes!

Unlike traditional loans, with a Loansmart Personal Loan there are no face-to-face appointments or tedious paperwork. So you don’t have to worry about printing out bank statements, scanning and emailing them through.

Nor do you have to fill in a lengthy application form. If you prefer having someone to talk to, our friendly staff are available to take your call on 0800 255 155.

Loansmart offers a fast, professional lending experience. We’re renowned for providing smarter solutions, to help you save on loan costs. Talk to a team that moves fast to find the best options for you and provides you with a VIP lending experience.

It’s quick and easy to apply. You can apply online or over the phone. We take care of everything for you, including sourcing your bank statements.

Apply for a Personal Loan online before 2pm and cash could be in your account the same day or next morning* – it’s that simple!

*Subject to responsible lending checks.

Personal Loan Fees, Interest Rates & Loan Terms

As with any form of loan you will pay fees and interest on any amount borrowed. Loan costs vary depending on your current financial situation, credit history, total loan amount and repayment period. Loansmart are low-cost lenders with our competitive interest rates starting at just 8.95%*. Once approved, your annual interest rate is fixed for the duration of your loan so you don’t have to worry about getting any nasty surprises down the line.

Our Personal Loan repayment terms also vary as we want to ensure you are set up for repayment success. The minimum loan term available is 6 months, and the maximum is 10 years for secured personal loans and 5 years for unsecured personal loans.

Choosing the right company for your Personal Loan can be quite the headache! That’s why we try to make the process simple so you can focus on getting your funds sorted sooner. Loansmart has a range of Online Loan Calculators, including a Personal Loan Calculator to help you get an estimate on your loan before you apply. These totals even include all fees and interest costs so you have a good idea upfront what the monthly repayment cost will be.


Our customers apply for Personal Loans for a wide range of reasons. The most popular Loans we encounter are Car Loans, Wedding Loans and Debt Consolidation Loans. These are just a fraction of the types of loans we offer, others include:

Smarter Loans >>> Faster

We can help you with



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Debt Consolidation Loans

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Home Improvement Loans

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Bad Credit

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Small Cash

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In A Hurry? Need Cash Now? EMERGENCY LOANS

We understand emergencies happen and when they do you need finance sorted fast. That’s why we offer Emergency Loans so you can get the funds you need ASAP.

We prioritise all Emergency Loan applications we receive so you can be assured you end up at the top of the queue. Our online loan application form only takes 3-minutes to complete so you don’t have to worry about tedious paperwork.

Prefer to apply over the phone?

We’re free to take your call now. Within 10 minutes you’ll have a good idea of what your options are, and we take care of mostly everything in one phone call.

Personal Loan FAQs

Personal loans is a term used to cover a wide variety of loans. You can use your Personal Loan for pretty much any ‘personal’ reason so long as it’s legal! You receive a lump sum payment to cover expenses or purchases. Common uses are – emergency loans, wedding loans, holiday loans, car loans, and home renovation loans. You can even use a personal loan to consolidate debt into one, typically more affordable, loan. This type of personal loan is called a Debt Consolidation Loan.

If you are borrowing up to $50,000, you may not need to provide security. Whether or not you need security will depend on your financial circumstances.  The majority of our loans are unsecured. If you do require security your Loan Consultant will discuss this with you. Typically we can use late model cars as security, or homes. 

We can normally assist if we know the circumstances. In most cases we can still help or we may require additional security. This type of loan is typically referred to as a Bad Credit Loans or, as we like to refer to them – Second Chance Loans. There are many reasons people end up with a poor credit score, and sometimes it’s due to situations beyond their control. We understand this and work hard to find affordable solutions that work for each client.  If you have poor credit, it’s important to choose a Loan Company that’s empathetic, will take the time to listen to your story and not pass judgement. That’s us! We help hundred’s of people each week who have less than favourable credit ratings obtain finance. We’ve been doing it a long time and we are very good at it! 

There are essentially 7-steps to loan application success! The great news is we take care of 4 of them for you. All you need to do is apply for a loan online, and provide us with access to your bank account. You don’t need to print out any forms. We simply send you a secure link. Learn more about How To Apply For A Personal Loan

We treat your application confidentially and the only people who will see your application are Loansmart and any Finance Company that we send it to. 

Just give us a call. Our team of experienced and helpful consultants will talk you through the process. We answer our phones super fast, so you won’t have to wait. Give us a call now on 0800 255 155

You can email or text a photo of your ID to us. No need to print, scan or upload your bank statements. We simply send you a link that authorises us to view your statements online. This is done easily and securely.  Your Consultant will go through this with you.

Why Loansmart


We Say Yes More Often

Applied elsewhere but been declined? Loansmart provides more options than other lenders. With more options, you have more chances of getting your personal loan approved.

More Options Tailored For You

Pay down debt faster and more affordably with lower fees and interest rates. Don’t pay more than you need to and get more options.

Interest Rates From 8.95%*

Our competitive personal loan rates range from 8.95% - 29.95%. *Subject to credit criteria and the credit profile of the applicant.

Longer Repayment Options

From 6 months to 10 years; up to 5 years for unsecured personal loans and 10 years for secured personal loans.

Faster Approval Process

Provide us with photo ID and access to your bank statements online, and your personal loan application could be approved in just 1 - 2 hours. *Subject to responsible lending checks.

Same Day Payment*

If you e-sign your loan documents by 3pm on a business day, we’ll deposit funds in your account the same day*. Depending on your bank, you’ll receive cash that day or the next morning.

100% Easy, Online Process

No need to print, scan or upload statements. We simply send you a secure link that authorises us to view your statements online.

Borrow Up To $50,000 Unsecured & Up To $100,000 Secured

Borrow between $1,500 to $50,000 without having to provide security. Personal Loans of up to $100,000 can be secured using a caveat or second mortgage. We can also use vehicles as security, so long as they’re in good condition.
Get the complete package from a team that genuinely cares, and works hard to provide better loan options for you. Get Loansmart!