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Get $5,000 for around $55 per week!

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Quick Cash Loans


Get $5000, for around $55 per week!*

Life is unpredictable and so there are times when we need some quick cash. When unexpected expenses such as extra bills, car repairs, vet bills, dental bills and appliance repairs arise, you may not always have the cash to cover them.

That’s where our quick loans come in! Our friendly team can help you access the funds you need to cover surprise expenses. Unlike banks, where the loan approval process can take weeks, we understand emergencies can’t wait.

Our quick online loan application form can be completed in just a few minutes with approval in 1-2 hours*. Loans are typically paid out within 1 – 2 business days. As a Loansmart client you benefit from:

  • Competitive rates from 9.95%*
  • Same day approval and payment*
  • Easy loan application process
  • Repayment options of 6 months – 10 years
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Friendly service and supportive staff

All you have to do is apply online. One of our loan consultants will be in touch from there. Our minimum loan term is 6 months, with our maximum loan term 5 years for unsecured loans. Apply Today!

What Can I Use a Quick Cash Loan For?

In short – you can use your quick loan for anything! However, some of the most popular types of loans we see are:

How Much Can I Borrow?

With an unsecured loan from Loansmart, you can borrow up to $50,000. Larger loan amounts of up to $150,000 are available as a secured loan.

Although how much you can borrow depends on your current situation and credit history. Naturally, we’ll look at your monthly income and current monthly expenses to work out what you can afford. We make this easy too, by sending you a secure link to access your bank statements, so you don’t have to download, print out and email them to us.

Use our handy Loan Calculator to get an estimate and see how much your loan repayments will be. Our most popular lending amount is $5,000 which can work out to only $55 per week. Your repayment amount will depend on your interest rate, which is tailored to your situation, along with the length of your loan. 

What Are Your Cash Loan Terms?

The maximum loan term we offer for unsecured loans is 5 years. For secured loans the maximum is 10 years.

When you apply for a loan, your Loan Consultant will discuss the best loan option for you, to set you up for payment success! For a full list of our terms and conditions, please visit our Responsible Lending page.

You can also learn more about our Loan Process and read our FAQ’s.

What If I Have A Bad Credit Score?

Bad credit records aren’t a dead-end for us. Unlike other finance companies, we believe in second chances, that’s why Loansmart offers a range of Bad Credit Loan options including Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loans and Bad Credit Car Loans. Our empathetic team takes the time to get to know your current financial situation, learn why you have a bad credit score and how you’ve worked to improve it.

While approval depends on your individual situation and ability to meet payment obligations, our flexible lending criteria isn’t as tough as other lenders. We try our best to find you a personal loan solution. Did you know that every time you apply for a loan, a credit check is completed? If your credit record shows many credit checks in a short period of time, it can negatively impact your credit rating.

So it’s really important you choose a company that is more likely to provide you with credit approval.

That’s us! What’s more, because we are a low cost lender, you’ll still be eligible for a competitive rate. Loansmart is not a high-cost loan provider. High-cost loan providers typically promote a daily interest rate, but the annual interest rate is in excess of 50%. Our rates fall below 35.50%, and start at just 9.95%.

Apply for a loan online now or call our friendly staff today on 0800 255 155.

Can I time my loan payments to suit me?

Absolutely, in fact we encourage our clients to time their loan payments to when they get paid. So if you’re paid weekly, opt for weekly payments. Or if you’re monthly, you can make a monthly payment.

Timing your repayments to when you are paid can help improve your credit rating, as you consistently make payments on time. Flexible payment options are really important when choosing a Financial Service Provider.

We are a reliable and responsible lender who makes every aspect of the lending process transparent so there are no surprises.

There are no hidden fees and our personal loans have fixed interest rates so you will have certainty and peace of mind throughout the period of your loan and any subsequent loan.

Loansmart is 100% New Zealand owned and operated – we’ve been helping thousands of Kiwis for over 15 years. We have hundreds of happy customers with hundreds of five star reviews!

No matter where you are in the country our knowledgeable team can assist you to get back on track, get ahead and get sorted.

Our online application process for an instant cash loan is fast and efficient, or call 0800 255 155 and let our friendly customer team help you through the loan process.