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Weekend Loans

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Finance this weekend

The weekend is almost here. Don’t let a lack of cash hold you back from making the most of it.

What are your weekend plans? Do they involve money? If the answer is yes, we can help with that!  

Why do people apply for emergency weekend loans?

In our experience we’ve noticed there are typically two types of weekends our clients need a bit of extra cash for – those that are based around fun, and those that focus on getting jobs done. 

Weekend favourites like shopping, getaways, events, special occasions and dining can involve a fair bit of cash. If you’re worried about falling short, a weekend loan is a great option. If you apply for a quick cash loan before 2pm Friday, you could have enough funds come Saturday morning when the fun starts!  

The other reason people apply for a weekend loan is not quite as fun, but most definitely rewarding in the long run. Weekend projects are the other common reason we lend money for. 

House paint, bathroom fixtures and fittings, DIY kitchens, decking timber – if you’re lucky enough to be handy with a paint brush or hammer, or live with someone who is, tackling renovation projects is a great way to beautify your living environment and add value to your biggest asset. 

Loansmart specialises in Home Renovation Loans. You could borrow up to $50,000 without security, or $150,000 with security. One of the great things about Loansmart is that we really do provide “smarter loans – faster”, hence our tagline! So while banks can take weeks to approve a loan, for us it’s a matter of hours. In some cases we can even offer rates lower than a bank, starting at just 9.95%. Fast loans that are affordable and easy, with highly competitive rates – we believe we tick all the boxes!

Need extra funds to get your weekend projects sorted? Apply for a weekend loan with Loansmart. We offer professional, low cost lending without all the hassle. Our clients benefit from lower fees, faster payout and an easy online loan application process. 

  • Rates from 9.95%*
  • Borrow up to $50,000 unsecured
  • Borrow up to $150,000 secured
  • Loan decision in 1 – 2 hours* 

Running up extra credit card debt isn’t always the best way to access funds for expensive weekend projects, unless you can afford to pay it back the following month or your interest rate is highly competitive. It costs nothing to get a quote, so give us a call or apply now to see what we can do for you. 

Make the most of your valuable time with a weekend loan from Loansmart. Loansmart offers 1 – 2 hour approval and interest rates from 9.95%. That’s really competitive! 

You don’t even need a perfect credit history.

How do I apply for a weekend loan? 

It’s easy! Apply for a same day cash loan by 2pm Friday and if approved the payment will clear that evening or the following morning. Just in time for the weekend. Yippee! 

What are the loan requirements?

We can provide same day loans to those in employment and who have regular income paid into their bank account, so long as you can afford the repayments.

Who can apply for a weekend loan?

Pretty much anyone over the age of 18. Naturally we have lending criteria you need to meet, but our criteria is broader then other lenders, so even if you’ve been declined for a loan by another provider, you may still qualify with us. 

Can I apply for  a weekend loan if I have bad credit?

Got bad credit or already have outstanding debts? We may still have options for you, learn more about our Bad Credit Loans and Bad Credit Consolidation Loans. 

Loansmart is a trusted, local lender

When it comes to weekend finance you have two options – high cost weekend loan lenders and low cost weekend loan lenders. Loansmart fits within the latter. We provide instant loans at rates from as low as 9.95%. The maximum we charge is 35.50%. When looking at lending companies, be sure to compare apples with apples. Some companies prominently display daily interest rates, but when you look at the cost over the course of a year the repayment fees are upwards of 100%. Ouch! That’s not fair, and it’s certainly not smart! Check out our checklist on ‘How To Choose A Lender‘.

It pays to get smart – Get Loansmart

We’ve been in business for over 10 years and helped tens of thousands of Kiwi’s get a fast online loan  – you could say we’re experts in personal loans. We offer a wider range of rates than other lenders, starting at just 9.95%*.

The majority of our clients actually come back for another loan when they need another round of financing like upgrading a car, emergency cash loans, doing a house extension, planning a holiday and even buying a house! We provide all types of unsecured loans and secured loans. 

We’re also experts at debt consolidation loans.  Loan amounts are based on your income and monthly expenses – so essentially what you can afford.

Over 25% of our lending is to existing clients. This is because our customers love what we do, and we love helping them. We’re consistently rated 5/5 for our communication. You don’t ever have to wonder where your application is at with us. Typically you’ll have an answer within 1-2 hours. 

We make it easy for you to provide us with access to your bank statements too, with no need to print out or scan documents. You can plan repayment dates to when you are paid and our loan terms are very reasonable.

If you’re an existing customer, our loan renewal process is even easier. You can apply for an online loan renewal or top up without having to jump through hoops. 

So what are you waiting for – apply online by 2pm Friday, and funds could be in your account that night!
  • Successful weekend loan applications processed by 2pm Friday are paid out the same day. Funds could be in your account that evening or the following morning .
  • Different people, different requirements. Our helpful staff will tailor a lending solution to fit your needs.
  • No obligation online application form – takes around 2 minutes to complete. You’ll receive a free quote that outlines your interest rate and repayments. 

Need help to apply for a loan online? If you’d like to walk through the loan application process with someone over the phone, you can call 0800 255 155 to speak to one of our friendly and helpful customer service team members. 

Still Have Questions? Our Lending FAQ has answers to our most commonly asked questions or you can give us a call on 0800 255 155. You can also try our personal loan calculator for an estimate on how much your finance will cost.

Our instant Weekend Loans are easy to apply for – in just a few minutes you’ll be on your way to a weekend of fun or DIY. Shopping, a weekend away, touching up your kitchen, fixing up that old deck or finally giving your home a fresh coat of paint. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

*We take our responsibilities as a lender very seriously and only lend money to people who are in a position to make repayments without causing any undue financial hardship. Loansmart is recognised as a trusted lender in the marketplace that provides smart finance solutions.