Amazing service Loansmart...Helped consolidate many other debts into one easy to manage loan with a great interest rate. Highly recommended for everyone who want their finances to get back on track.”

- Hasi

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Try our Debt Consolidation Calculator to work out how much you could potentially save with a Debt Consolidation Loan. Multiple small, high cost loans can end up costing a lot more than one larger low cost loan. Make sure you’re not paying more than you need too. These payments are indicative only and calculated over a calendar year. Optional insurance and any establishment fees have not been included. All loan quotes are subject to 1. full application details, 2. Lenders conditions at the time of application,  3. Confirmation from a Loansmart representative.

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Our current interest rates range from 9.95% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) to a maximum APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 35.50%. The rate offered will depend upon your credit history, security offered and your overall credit profile. All rates are fixed for the term of the agreement.

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