Debt Consolidation Loans

Get sorted with a debt consolidation loan that’s easy to manage

Debt consolidation loans from Loansmart is where we take all your loans, credit cards debt etc and put them all together in one loan with one payment. A lot of our clients have more than one loan and a debt consolidation solution is a great way to get back on track. With only one payment to make each time that you’re paid, budgeting becomes a lot easier and you have the flexibility to be able to repay your loan sooner – saving you even more money.

Use our online calculator to see how much you can save each month by consolidating all your debts into one payment.

Quick debt consolidation loans – you have our word on it!

It’s easy to apply, around 3 minutes: APPLY ONLINE now, or call us on 0800 255 155.

The best things about sorting a debt consolidation loan
  • In charge again –You are in the drivers seat once again of your finances
  • Easy to manage payments – One regular loan repayment is easier to manage than multiple ones
  • Better budgeting – You’ll be able to budget better as you know exactly what fixed amount you need to pay each month
  • Possibly reduce interest – Typically the interest rate us lower in most cases than some higher interest bearing facilities like credit cards
  • Debt free sooner without penalty – As you find you’re able to manage your payments easier, if you decide to pay off your loan even faster there is no early payment penalties

Does Loansmart require security?

If you present circumstances meet the credit criteria it’s likely security won’t be needed. But if it is, we might be able to use something like a car or other asset.

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