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Loan Of The Month – June

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Emergency Vet Finance

We’re starting a new series called Loan of the Month. Every month, we’ll pick a loan where our team found a solution to a challenging need, and discuss how we helped.

Now let’s look at this month’s winner.

The Need

If your pet needs emergency vet care and you do not have the cash or insurance to cover the cost, it can be stressful.

Sadly, you may be required to pay a substantial deposit to a vet before they will even admit your pet for treatment.

This month’s loan of the month goes to a client who was in this exact situation. Loansmart helped her secure vet finance

The Challenge

Initially, she tried another loan company, but was declined. This was because she already had four loans.

Her distress was even greater when she came to us, as she urgently needed funds to get her pet the care it needed, and had lost time applying and being rejected by another provider.

The Solution

Our team is already fast, but when situations like this arise we move at lightning speed. In addition to finding our client the extra funds she needed, we were able to consolidate her existing high interest loans into one low interest loan at a highly competitive rate. Her beloved pet received the care it needed, and she lowered her loan costs.

Here’s what our client had to say

I had the pleasure of dealing with one of the Loansmart team members this morning and talk about being very fast and efficient. Got everything all done and dusted within 2 hours. Unlike another company that I had tried that didn't seem to be too interested in keeping me up to date, The Loansmart attendant kept me informed at every step. Repayments and interest rates are reasonably good too.

Thank you so much to the Loamsmart team. You guys made the process so easy.

Name changed for privacy

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