Debt Consolidation – The Smart Way

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Smarter, Better

Wrapping up debt with a debt consolidation loan is a wise move, particularly if you live in New Zealand it would seem.

Did you know Kiwi’s spent more than $36 billion on their credit cards in 2016.

Debt Consolidation

Then in 2017 it was $43 billion with New Zealander’s spending over $700 million in interest payments – “holy cow” as Batman’s sidekick Robin would say.

Given that trend one can only imagine what was spent in 2018.

Sadly a lot of people ‘live’ on their credit cards paying 19.95% in interest – the banks think it sounds better than 20%.  Add their card fees and well, it’s even more.  The question you have to ask yourself, are those air points and the like really worth it?

If your credit card debt causes you any form of anxiety, then it’s time to take action and find a way to start paying off debt.

If you’re struggling with credit card debt and others debts, why not free yourself and apply for a debt consolidation loan.  You can wrap up your credit cards and other debts all into one easy to manage payment.

But remember, debt consolidation won’t help if you continue to take on new debt.  Talk to us in the first instance, get sorted and let’s keep you on the right path to debt freedom.

To get started, apply online.

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