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Privacy Declaration

Privacy Act 1993 - Loansmart Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining security of the information you provide to us. We abide by the laws relating to privacy and safeguarding of information.


I/we declare that:

  1. I/We have read and understood this application and certify that the information provided is true and correct in all respects and that I/We are no less than 18 years of age and I/We am/are not an undischarged bankrupt.
  2. I have also disclosed any other names I am known under.
  3. I/we are aware that if we have deliberately provided false information in this application, I/we could face fraud or dishonesty charges in the courts.


You authorise Loansmart to send this application to any third party (the Finance Company) and agree that either Loansmart or the Finance Company may do the following:

  1. You understand that Loansmart / the Finance Company are asking for personal information about you to use Equifax or Dun & Bradstreet’s credit reporting service to credit check you.
  2. You understand that Equifax or Dun & Bradstreet will give us personal information about you.
  3. You understand that we will give your personal information to Equifax or Dun & Bradstreet and they will hold that information and use it to provide their credit reporting service.
  4. You understand that when either Equifax or Dun & Bradstreet customers use the Equifax or Dun & Bradstreet credit reporting service, Equifax or Dun & Bradstreet may give that information to them.
  5. You understand that we may use Equifax or Dun & Bradstreet’s credit reporting services in the future for purposes related to the provision of credit to you. This may include use of Equifax or Dun & Bradstreet’s monitoring services to include updates if information about you changes.
  6. You understand that if you default in your payment obligations to us, information about that default may be given to Equifax or Dun & Bradstreet and Equifax or Dun & Bradstreet may give that information about your default to other Equifax or Dun & Bradstreet customers.
  7. You understand that we will Check the Ministry of Justice fines database for any overdue fines you may have. This will require us to give your information to the Ministry of Justice. This check may be carried out by a credit agency, which will require the search results to be disclosed to the credit agency.
  8. Loansmart / the Finance Company will use the information they collect about you to assess your Application and verify your identity. We/they may disclose to, and obtain from, Credit Reporting and Government Agencies, other Credit Providers and Insurers, personal information about you for these purposes.

Pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993 I authorise Loansmart Ltd or the Finance Company to contact Equifax or Dun & Bradstreet, Credit Providers, Finance Companies, my Employer, Accountant, Bank, Solicitor or any other source including Government agencies, to obtain, check and exchange (both now and in future) such personal financial and commercial information for the purposes of considering this or any subsequent application. The protection and administration of any loan arising out of this application (both now and in the future) and to assist in the enforcement of any agreement between me and Loansmart Limited or the Finance Company. I understand I have the right to know who is collecting and holding information and also the right to have access to it and to correct if it is wrong. The contact details for Loansmart Ltd, Equifax & Dun & Bradstreet are as follows:

Loansmart Ltd, P O Box 28 231, Remuera, Auckland 1546.

Equifax Ltd, Private Bag 92 156, Auckland.

Dun & Bradstreet, Level 3, 1 Queen Street, Auckland.

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