What a Business Finance Loan Could Mean for Your Business

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Graphic of business finance loans, illustrating how extra capital helps businesses grow

What a Business Finance Loan Could Mean for Your Business

We know cash flow can be stressful. That’s why we’re here to help with a business finance loan to help your business get back on track. Whatever the reason for the red ink, be it a tax bill, a shortfall in revenue, new assets, or unexpected expenses, it doesn’t need to set your small business back and stress you out. Here’s what you need to know about Loansmart’s business loans and why you might consider one.

Business Loans Specifically Designed for You

accessing a business loan transform your business? Working capital, equipment purchases, creditors, wages or one-off unexpected expenses settled with our help – purpose fit lending designed for business. Find out more, get started with our online application below.

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Why do businesses need loans?

Business owners borrow money for a wide range of purposes, but usually for the same reason: because they believe in their business!

Expanding operations, service territory, or real estate

Businesses can make more money when they can reach more customers. Often, business loans are used to expand office space or invest in the fleet and staff necessary to expand their service area, thus raising the bar on potential profits. Sometimes a window opens for potential business growth, and we don’t know how long it will remain open. Your business may not have time to save up the funds needed to capitalise on these opportunities, but a business finance loan lets you spring into action!

Investing in inventory

Empty shelves can be a sign of a booming business or a floundering one. Either way, inadequate or obsolete inventory make it hard for a business to grow and build a reputation. When businesses find themselves with stagnating inventory, they need to act quickly remain viable in the eyes of consumers. In situations such as these, business loans are often the ideal path forward.

Boosting capital & cash flow

Extra capital has never been a problem for any business. Especially for small businesses, an uncertain or worrisome cash flow forecast could cast a long shadow over your ability to pay bills and employees. A business loan can be the injection of working capital your business needs!


Things change quickly these days, and businesses must work hard to keep pace. A smart business plan should factor in the need to regularly update and modernise equipment, systems, and software to avoid being left behind by the competition.

Loansmart makes business loans easy

A personal loan for your business means through us means the loan is under your name, not your business’. That means a lot less paperwork. Here’s what you need to know.

Who’s eligible?

18 years or over NZ resident (citizen/permanent residency) who is earning, employment or self-employed.

How much will the interest rate be?

That all depends on your overall circumstances if you’ve got good credit your rate will be lower than someone with good credit for example.

Is business loan application fully online?

The online application process is, but of course, a human does get involved at our end, call us old-fashioned. You’ll be assigned your very own consultant who will go through your loan application with you and obtain your ID and other information. You can also email your last two months bank statements if you have them. Alternatively, we can send you a link to download and send your statements directly to us.

Who will see my application?

We treat your application confidentially and the only people who will see your application are Loansmart and any Finance Company that we send it to. All applications that do not proceed are securely destroyed.

Let Loansmart elevate your business

At Loansmart, we’ll look at your unique business circumstances and work with you to develop loan terms and conditions that work best for you. Click the button below to take your business to the next level!

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