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Car Finance made easy

Easy Car Finance & Vehicle Loans

When you’re ready for a new car in your budget, we make it easy.

Get a loan pre-approved with Loansmart so you can confidently go shopping for a new car – apply online.

And remember – take your time when looking… Work out what type of car will suit your needs and start comparing vehicles that interest you to get an understanding of what your money will buy.

Once you’ve figured out the type of car you need, compare cars of similar quality. Comparing prices can be misleading as an inferior quality car could have legal or mechanical problems that may quickly cost you more money.  Important to remember as well, Registered Motor Vehicle Traders operate under strict guidelines and regulations. However, if you buy privately you may have no comeback if a problem occurs, so take your time and choose carefully.

Select the best prospects to take them for a drive – make a shortlist of the best cars that match your needs, and arrange to test drive all of them.

The Test Drive

The main things to consider when taking a test drive are:

  • Sit in the driver’s seat – check if it’s comfortable and easy to adjust, with enough leg-room. Are the gauges readable and the controls within easy reach? If someone else will regularly be driving the vehicle, get them to do the same.
  • Is there enough back and neck support? Can you adjust the steering wheel to a comfortable position?
  • Ensure you have good visibility at the front, rear and sides. Adjust the driving position and mirrors correctly before you start driving.
  • Take a close look around the interior, exterior and tyres to make sure there are no obvious problems.
  • Check that the registration label (rego) and a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) are current; both of these should be clearly visible on the inside of the front windscreen. Driving a car without a current WOF could be dangerous and you could incur a fine.
  • Ensure the vehicle has adequate insurance before you take it for a test drive. If the vehicle is not properly insured you may be liable for damage if you have an accident.
  • Do you like the way it drives? Is it comfortable and does it suit your purposes? Make a note of anything that concerns you about the vehicle.
  • Review all available paperwork including Certificate of Registration, service or repair receipts, window card, and past legal checks.
  • Don’t be pressured into signing anything, until you’ve considered all your options.
  • Remember that at this stage of the buying process you are checking if this car suits your needs, not its mechanical condition. A full mechanical check is best done by a professional vehicle inspection company such as VTNZ.

Again, take your time – a good car is like a good friend 🙂

Get that finance sorted first, apply online with Loansmart in as little as 3 to 5 minutes.

Car Finance - Car Loans
Car Finance – Car Loans