The Loansmart Office

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The Loansmart Office

Growing Team

We’ve had to move offices again as we keep growing…

Every month we now help more than 500 people throughout New Zealand with their financial requirements.

We take pride in helping thousands of Kiwis each year with their financial needs.  So if you want a loan to buy a car, pay of debt etc, apply online or give us a call.

Personal loans for whatever you need

  • Emergency finance, dental/vet bills
  • Education loans for a course
  • Moving house finance, movers and bond loans
  • Funeral costs, when you need to contribute
  • Holiday, honeymoon or wedding coming up
  • Home Improvements and DIY jobs around the home
  • Need a new vehicle to get from A to B
  • A none of our business loan…

And of course our most popular finance application, Debt Consolidation – this is a great way to get ahead once and for all.

For you, it might be worth rolling them into one. Debt consolidation loans tend to have a lower interest rate overall and are spread out over a manageable period – so the weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments are smaller. Debt consolidation can make budgeting much easier because there’s only one loan to manage.

A debt consolidation loan is used to combine multiple loans and debts into one. … We can help take the stress out of your overall debt by reducing your monthly repayments or helping you to pay it off quicker. By consolidating your debts with Loansmart Finance, you could be saving money in interest and monthly repayments from day one!

Apply Now

How Easy Is Finance with Loansmart?

  • Apply online in less than five minutes, it’ seriously that easy!
  • Get your money, in many cases, the same day so if you apply on a business day morning 🙂
  • Fixed interest rates for the term of your loan and no hidden surprises…
  • Affordable repayments in line with your earnings.

All you have to do is decide how much you need (use our calculators) and apply online.

Apply Now