TGIF – what’s install for the weekend?

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TGIF right…

What’s your plan for the weekend?

Perhaps there will be a break in the weather for a spot of fishing? Or maybe you’re planning to chill out at home to attend to those much needed domestic choirs.

If you’re going to hang out around the house, take five to check out the official New Zealand Tourism site – it has everything and more.  You might find something close by that you’ve never considered doing, and it could be free, like walking, hiking, cycling (could be good for your health too).

Here at Loansmart, the team definitely need some exercise after a customer brought in a giant carrot cake yesterday – it was delicious, thank you Isobel.  It’s not often we get treats like that, but it’s very rewarding when we help our customers out.  Isobel is starting a home-based business in catering and needed a loan for the equipment – awesome to get her started.

If you need a loan to kick off a business idea, touch base with us, we’d love to help.