Small Loans NZ

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Small Loans NZ

Loansmart for Small Loans

If you’re looking for finance then our small loans are the answer.  Our loans start from $1,500 right up to our bigger loans of $100,000.

We provide personal loans for all types of needs, some of those are:

  • general personal loans
  • car loans and other vehicle types loans
  • urgent/emergency – vet bills/rental bonds etc
  • debt consolidation finance
  • funeral expenses contribution
  • moving house – bond loans, moving expenses
  • home improvement loans
  • wedding loans
  • funeral finance
  • small business loans
  • and much more…

Apply now, in less than five minutes or tomorrow – apply where you want, at your desk, on the run, coffee in one hand and phone in the other – all on your terms.

Tell us a little about your circumstances so we can customise a great deal and finance rate for you – no uncomfortable face-to-face meetings like at the bank. With us, it’s easy, simply apply online today.

Our quick and easy application form can be completed in as little as three minutes.

Apply Now

We Understand People

We’ve been in the finance business for many years and have dealt with tens of thousands of customers.  You could say we’ve seen it all, so we have a good grasp on finding the right solutions to fit individual needs. If you need small loan finance from a solid company that understands you, then Loansmart is the best choice.

Small Loans NZ
Small Loans NZ

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, with any small loan application, you may have some questions.

On our FAQ’s page, you can get answers to the following:

  • What do I need to send to you?
  • How do I get my information to you?
  • What happens once I have completed the Application?
  • You have approved my loan, what happens now?
  • What happens once I have signed everything?
  • What if I have a poor credit rating or defaults?
  • Who will see my application?
  • How do I get my information to you?
  • I can’t find the answer to my query?