Rental Bond Loans

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Secure Your Next Rental

Rental Bond Loans – Do you need to get into some new accommodation but don’t really have enough to put the bond together.

Then you have the 3-4 weeks in advance not to mention the moving costs – it all adds up for sure.

To satisfy a new landlord to secure a property our rental bond loans are the answer.

With our rental bond loans and moving loans, you could have the funds you need within hours.

We know moving house can be very stressful. That’s why our application process can be completed within five minutes and funds can be deposited to your account within hours if accepted.

Apply Online Today!

Get sorted for:

  • new bond payment
  • 3-4 weeks advanced rent
  • moving costs

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Rental Bond Loans – Commercial

If you’re in business and looking to move into a new commercial property, we can also help in these circumstances.  Whatever you need, apply online and let’s see what we can do for you.

At the start of a tenancy

Here’s a few basic tips on residential tenancy bonds

Tenants and landlords should do a thorough property inspection together at the start of the tenancy. They should then complete and sign the property inspection report, which is part of the tenancy agreement. They should also complete and sign the bond lodgement form if the landlord is charging a bond.

If you’re a landlord you must:

  • lodge the bond within 23 working days of receiving it. Not doing this is an unlawful act and you could be required to pay a penalty.

If you’re a tenant you should:

  • contact your landlord to check the bond has been lodged (if you don’t receive a letter within six weeks confirming your bond has been lodged)
  • budget for the bond being four weeks’ rent (although it might be less).