Personal Loan Interest

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Personal Loan Interest Rates

How it Works

We do not offer short term loans, all Loansmart loans are for terms of six to sixty months. Our current personal loan interest rates range from 13.95% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) to a maximum APR of 29.95%. the rate offered will depend upon your credit history, security offered and your overall credit profile. A typical $3,000 loan through Loansmart would be as follows:

  • Personal Loan Amount $3,000
  • Establishment Fee $295
  • Weekly Admin Fee of $3.46
  • Payments over 24 months @ a personal loan interest rate of 13.95% = $39 per week
  • Total cost payable over 24 Months is $4,154.88

* The majority of applicants are able to complete the application form in around 3 minutes. Loan approval in normally within one day subject to the applicant providing all required information in a short time frame.

From 13.95% – this is far better than some of the credit and charge card credit traps on the market.  If you’ve got one of these facilities, let us help you clear it with a debt consolidation loan.

Visit our calculator page to see how much you could borrow.

At Loansmart we truly value our customers and make every effort to provide a quality user experience. So if it’s emergency loans, debt consolidation loans, car finance or simply a ‘none of our business loan’, you can apply online here:

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Fixed personal loan interest – loans up to $30,000*

  • Personal loan interest to fit your circumstances
  • Simple, user friendly online application
  • Receive a fast response to your loan application
  • Dedicated loan consultant and friendly customer support
  • You’ll always know what you pay with a fixed repayment schedule
  • Loans approved and paid the same day or within 24-hours
  • Take control with money your way

* Up to $100,000 for homeowners.

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Personal Loan Interest Rates

Our friendly and dedicated support staff will be glad to help you should you have any questions with regard to our personal loan interest rates.

Contact on 0800 255 155 and we will answer your questions to assist your application.