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Holiday loans with money money money

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Money can take you places

Our money money money holiday loans can take you wherever you need to go in the world. Where do you want to go on holiday?

Holidays and special occasions are an important part of life, whether you realise it or not. Taking time off will refresh and reset your mind, making you able to return to work with a clear head, ready to take on what lies ahead. Many people don’t take all of the holiday time they’re allowed if they take any at all.  Well, we need to remedy that and appreciate how amazing time away can be!

We offer flexible terms and a tailored interest rates tailored to suit you.  All you have to do is decide how much you need (use our calculators) and apply online.

It’s Really That Easy

We’ll usually give you an answer within 24 hours and often we can give you an indication straight away so you’ll be ready to book your tickets and accommodation.

Our loan application process is very quick, for example: apply online in the morning and we’ll most likely be able to give you confirmation if you’ve been approved by the afternoon.  Funds can often be paid the same day as well.

Apply online today!

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Should you book online or use a travel agent?

With all of the options available for planning and booking travel online, the idea of going to a travel agent may seem unnecessary. But both methods have their benefits.

Booking yourself

– If you enjoy research and know exactly what you want out of a holiday, there is nothing more satisfying than planning your entire vacation from A to B. Booking every single detail and making sure your itinerary is just right can be a time-consuming process – but it will ultimately add to the fun and anticipation of your trip.

– It’s also a way of staying in control of the process. A common complaint is that travel agents are too pushy, and may try to up-sell by foisting extras on you that you don’t want, like excursions or sightseeing tours. When booking yourself, you’re not having to worry about anyone’s commission.

Travel agent

– If you’re a first-time traveler, or uncertain about the part of the world you’re travelling to, travel agents are a great resource. Their job is to make it easy for you, taking all of the stress out of your holiday. Visa issues? Flight cancelled? If something goes wrong while you’re away, your travel agent should be your first port of call.

– While you might be perfectly capable of booking a return flight to Australia, if you’re heading off on a round-the-world jaunt, travel agents still offer the best multi-stop deals -and take the pain out of figuring out all those stopovers and transfers.

The verdict? You’re probably best to mix it up. If you’re travelling internationally, go ahead and use a travel agent to book a flight and accommodation package. But when it comes to planning your itinerary, it’s way more fun to put in the hard yards yourself.

Holiday loans with money money money
Holiday loans with money money money