Money Monday

We can’t all be The Wolfe

It’s Monday already (could be your Money Monday) and juggling finances in New Zealand with rents the way they are, traffic the way it is, seriously, sometimes it’s just all in the too hard basket.

That’s where we come in – if you need some cash to make something happen, a new car, holiday, dental bills etc – talk to us.

You might need to catch up on some bills, so one of our debt consolidation loans is ideal for that!

Whatever you need, our personal loan application process is easy and you can apply online right now in less than five minutes!

Apply Now

We’re 100% online and your loan application can be submitted via any device 24/7, PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

If your loan is approved, we’ll transfer funds the same business day to your account – this really could be a Money Monday for you!

Money Monday - Wolf of all Street
Money Monday – Wolf of all Street