Got bad credit but need some finance?

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Bad Credit Loans & Finance

Bad Credit Loans & Finance

If you’ve got bad credit but need some finance, where your situation feels like a game of scrabble, we may be able to help you.

With bad credit situations we often just need to know you own a car, or perhaps you have someone willing to guarantee a loan if you can’t make payments down the track.

Our bad credit loans and finance solutions can also help you to improve your credit score over time when you make regular payments to your loan.

Did the bank say no? Talk to us today!

  • We take time to find out why you have bad credit
  • We will learn how your situation has improved
  • We put your case to our lenders
  • If we can help, we will.

Use the money for:

  • Clean up some bills
  • Buy a new set of wheels
  • Course and education fees
  • Moving house, bond, and rent in advance
  • Car repairs
  • Emergency vet bill

We understand that there is any number of reasons why you could need finance, don’t let a poor credit score put you off from applying and getting the cash you need.

Complete our application online to see if we can assist you.

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Bad Credit & Second Chance Loans
Bad Credit & Second Chance Loans

NB, not all situations will meet our lender requirements, however, once we have an idea of your individual circumstances we can put forward a good case on your behalf.