Emergency Loan in time of need

We never know when an emergency can arise that requires some fast cash. Often any savings you have is not readily accessible, and it might not be enough. An emergency loan can provide quick finance in these types of situations.

When an emergency happens, the last thing you need is to worry about finding money or go through the difficult processes and high repayment fees that often come with borrowing cash quickly. A Loansmart emergency loan is at fair interest rates and we’ve got a team of helpful staff to ensure you have one less worry to think about. You can apply for an emergency loan in less than five minutes.

That’s right it’s all online so no major paperwork or waiting in long queues. Our emergency loan process ensures your application can be approved quickly with cash in your bank account within hours following acceptance (sometimes minutes depending on your bank).

The emergency loan types we provide  have fixed interest rates so you have certainty throughout the loan period.  So you can relax and get on to what’s important.

At Loansmart we truly value our customers and make every effort to provide a quality user experience. So if it’s emergency loans, debt consolidation loans, car finance or simply a ‘none of our business loan’, you can apply online here:

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Our friendly and dedicated support staff will be glad to help you should you have any questions. Contact on 0800 255 155 and we will answer your questions to assist your application.

Emergency Loans
Emergency Loans