Dental and Braces Loans

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Brace Yourself

Dentists say more Kiwis are dipping into their pockets to pay thousands of dollars for braces so they, or their children, can have the perfect smile.

In many cases it has nothing to do with better dental health.

Braces, say psychologists and dentists, are more an investment in self-esteem and a feeling of personal well-being. Appearances matter.

The Cost

A full set of braces will cost you between $6,500 upwards.

Orthodontists are clear about two things – braces have got more expensive in the last decade and there is more demand for them.

The costs vary widely according to a patient’s problems and what they are willing to spend. Some people are set on straightening their teeth at any cost.

A prominent Christchurch orthodontist says every case is different so treatment costs vary. A simple plate to correct a cross-bite​ would cost about $800.  Braces on the upper teeth would cost about $4,000 and a full set would be about $6,500.

Orthodontists say new products, which move beyond using wires to straighten teeth, are significantly more expensive than traditional braces. They especially appeal to adults looking to straighten their teeth.  For example, Invisalign, a new technology that uses a clear plastic cover placed over teeth can cost between $7,500 and $10,500 in New Zealand.

Dental Loan Finance

If you have to have straight teeth but don’t have the money, talk to us.

We’re open 24 hours everyday, all day, seven days a week for online applications.

So find out how much you need for a set of braces to give you that smile you’ve always dreamed about and apply online.

Once completed, push send – we’ll review it and come back to you with anything else we need.

The funds could be in your account within hours and you can make the booking.

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Dental and Braces Loan
Dental and Braces Loan