Clean up your bills

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Clean up your bills - there are more important things to do in life

Grab one of our Debt Consolidation Loans

Cleaning up debt with a debt consolidation loan is a wise move, particularly if you live in New Zealand it would seem.

Kiwis are now facing a mountain of debt after Christmas, according to financial comparison site Finder’s latest report.

Its survey of 2,117 Kiwis showed that 44% of the population used some form of credit to fund their Christmas shopping. It also found that the average Kiwi spent $319 on gifts, with around $533 million paid for on credit – increasing the national spend to a shocking $1.17 billion.

It also found that 32% of Kiwis used a credit card when shopping at Christmas, while 8% used “buy now, pay later” options such as Afterpay and Laybuy.

The credit card and charge companies make a fortune in the first few months of any new year.  They paint a nice picture when handing out those cards, but in reality it doesn’t always go to plan when it comes to paying it back.

If you’ve got debt, here, there and over that way somewhere, seriously consider one of our loan consolidation options to put them into an easy solution that actually has an end date…

Merge your debt into one loan

‘One Debt’ is the solution.

One Debt, One Loan, it’s Easy!

By consolidating, we’ll transfer all your debts into one simple payment schedule.  You can then stop worrying about multiple payments and varying amounts. You can get back to living with a loan designed to eventually make you become debt free.

Get debt free faster. Things like credit cards that keep lingering around, keeps you in the same place – with our wrap them up consolidation loans we make it easier so you can pay off your debt with one fixed regular repayment.

Sorting things out. If you have multiple hire purchases, credit cards, overdrafts and personal loans it can be difficult to keep up, especially if the unexpected arises.  This can cost you more, with interest payments and penalties.

Get organised – one fixed payment – less confusion – One easy to manage loan is going to make life much better.

Let’s get started – simply fill out our application form below to take the first step!

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Clean up your bills - there are more important things to do in life
Clean up your bills – there are more important things to do in life