Chinese New Year


: Spring Festival (春节—chūn jié)

The original name for this day was Yuán Dàn (元旦), with Yuan meaning “the beginning.” However, Yuan Dan is now used to refer to the New Year of the solar calendar.

  • Lunar date
    January 1st (正月初一—zhēng yuè chū yī)
  • Solar (Gregorian) date
    January 25th, 2020
  • Activities & traditions
    Firecrackers start off a day of greetings and blessings between neighbors. There are no specific activities other than celebrating the New Year. The ancient Chinese record and analyze the weather, stars and moon to predict the fortunes of the year. The practice is known as zhàn suì (占岁).
  • Food
    In addition to food from last night, people can also celebrate with Tu Su wine (屠苏酒—tú sū jiǔ).
  • Superstitions & beliefs
    It is forbidden to sweep or clean on this day, else good fortune will be swept away.

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More Tradition

: To the in-law’s (迎婿日—yíng xù rì)

In northern regions, the events are held on the 3rd.

  • Lunar date
    January 2nd (正月初二—zhēng yuè chū èr)
  • Solar (Gregorian) date
    January 26th, 2020
  • Activities & traditions
    On this day, a married daughter must bring her husband and children to her parent’s home. She must bring a gift bag of crackers and candies, which her mother will divide between neighbors. This simple gift shows that “it’s the thought that counts” and expresses the daughter’s longing for her hometown.
  • Food
    Lunch is eaten together and the daughter should return to her husband’s home before dinner.

: Day of the Rat (鼠日—shǔ rì)

According to folktales, this is the day that rats marry.

  • Lunar date
    January 3rd (正月初三—zhēng yuè chū sān)
  • Solar (Gregorian) date
    January 27th, 2020
  • Activities & traditions
    People will leave some grains and crackers in corners to share their harvest with the rats. They will then go to sleep early in order to not disturb the “wedding.” This way, the rats will not disturb them during the year either.
Year of the Rat - Happy Chinese New Year
Year of the Rat – Happy Chinese New Year