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Stay tuned with the latest news, offers and tips from our passionate team of Personal Loan Consultants. Want to know something we haven’t already written about? Let us know and we’ll blog about it!

10 Ways To Prepare For a Job Loss While You’re Still Employed

In the current economic climate, plenty of New Zealanders are concerned about job loss. If you are worried that your job may be on the line, then it’s a good idea to take some steps now to prepare financially for the worst-case scenario. Here are 10 money moves that may help put you in a better position.

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Caveat Emptor

Caveat Emptor

Are you off shopping this long weekend and thinking about one of those interest-free deals you saw on TV or read in the paper?  Here is an article that is three years old posted in the Herald around the famous ‘Caveat Emptor’ saying (let the buyer beware).  It’s still relevant today about some of the traps associated with these interest-free deals out there.

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Get Healthier – 22 Ways

With Minimal Effort Modern society makes getting healthy harder than ever. People are busy trying to balance work, family and other responsibilities. As a result, their health goals are often put on hold. That said, being healthy does not have to be difficult. Here are 22 simple ways to get healthier with minimal effort.…

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Get in Shape!

With warm weather right around the corner, you might be thinking about dropping a few kilos or getting in better shape. But transitioning from winter’s bulking season to summer shorts and bikinis can be a challenge.

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Secured Loans – v – Unsecured Loans

Let’s talk about unsecured loans first – this is when there’s no need for you to provide any security or collateral for a loan. Normally the amount you can borrow is less and the interest rate charged is slightly higher than a secured loan.

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27 Health and Nutrition Tips

Good Nutrition

27 Health and Nutrition Tips It’s easy to get confused when it comes to health and nutrition. Even qualified experts often seem to hold opposing

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