82,000 Cars on Trade Me

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Lots of Cars for Sale

Over 82,000 cars right now for sale, wow, a lot of cars alright.

When we exit out of COVID-19 lockdown will you be looking for a car to buy?

Did you know: Over 250,000 visitors look at vehicles on Trade Me each day.  And when the lockdown is done and dusted, there will be a lot of people cashing up their cars.

So get ready to take advantage of people moving their cars on, sort your finance in advance, apply online for a car loan today and be cash ready to get a bargain.

Our online application form usually takes between 3 to 5 minutes to complete

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What type of car meets your needs

Unsure what type of car you should buy? A good starting point is to think about your needs:

  • What will you mainly use it for? Around town, long-distance travel or heading off the beaten track?
  • Will it usually just be you in the car, or do you need to consider enough room for friends, family and/or pets too?
  • Do you have specific needs such as a big boot for prams, luggage or work equipment? A tow bar for trailers or bikes? Roof racks?

Some other things to consider

  • Body style: small manageable hatchback, roomy sedan, station wagon, or people moving van or SUV?
  • Age and reliability: new, near new (still within manufacturer warranty) or used?
  • Comfort features: heated seat warmers, leather seats or a reversing camera?
  • Car safety features: high safety ratings, full airbags, or electronic stability control?
  • Manual or automatic: do you spend time in traffic jams where an auto is essential, or do you prefer a good solid gear change?
  • Preferred fuel type: petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid?
  • Engine size and fuel consumption: is fuel efficiency important, or do you need something with a bit of grunt?
  • One of the biggest considerations will be what you can afford and the ongoing costs to run it.

Make a ‘must have’ and a ‘nice to have’ list to help you narrow down your search. Cars listed on Trade Me show fuel and safety ratings and have an explanation of what each rating means.

Over 82,000 cars for sale on Trade Me right now
Over 82,000 cars for sale on Trade Me right now