2020 Goals

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2020 Goals - Debt Consolidation Loans

What are your 2020 Goals?

A recent blog post we put up was about New Year’s resolutions to help you have a great 2020.

But what about your financial goals? How are they looking?

If you’ve got some debt that never seems to go away, i.e. you’re in a bank credit card trap(s) or even worse you’ve got one of those charge cards that had all the promises of interest-free credit, but you, like thousands of Kiwi’s, are stuck with them paying 25.99% interest – ouch!  How did that happen you wonder, well again they are traps, carefully designed credit facilities that lure us into spending far more than we need which eventually leads to debt that never goes away.

Now if you’ve got one of these traps that you might have maxed out over Christmas and there is a debt here and another over there, why not wrap them up into one easy to manage payment.  A payment that is in line with your pay cycle.  At Loansmart our loans can do just that, making it far easier for you to manage your budget and pay it back (and you, becoming debt-free).

Debt Consolidation Loans

A debt consolidation loan is an ideal way to clean up all your debt, easily and fast, did we mention fast – that’s right, our application form only takes a few minutes, less then five to be exact.

Take all your debt, car payments, credit cards, outstanding utilities, the $500 you owe your dad and more.  All that becomes one easy payment – no more juggling.

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2020 Goals - Debt Consolidation Loans
2020 Goals – Debt Consolidation Loans